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Robojap Suggestions For Smart Home Gardening Gadgets

Want to make your smartĀ Garden like your HOME? This article will guide you on how to exactly make your garden get SMART with certain affordable smart home gardening gadgets. Including: Green IQ Smart Garden Hub Hozelock Cloud Controller Smart Sprinkler So, if you really want to be a smart Gardener and keep the area green, […]

Robojap uncovered cheap smart home gadgets under $50

Through this blog, Robojap will reveal the list of most popular and cheap smart home gadgets, you can buy under $50. You’ll also see how these affordable AI appliances will benefit you the same way as any other expensive smart devices.   With that, here is the list of budget-friendly intelligent devices, researched and revealed […]

Smart Home Devices Making Inroads To Elderly Lives

Would smart devices really bring a “BIG change” in elderly people’s life? Let’s take a look at some stats collected by Robojap….and find the current trend of smart aging devices in market. As per Robojap findings, the smart home demand is expected to increase in next three years to nearly $30 billion. U.S. older adults […]

Smart devices for all Homes | Listed by Robojap Technologies

Robojap surveyed with more than 1K users across U.S to better understand smart devices made for all type of homes. First, Robojap Technologies analyzed and made an IoT devices list that anyone can buy irrespective of the house type and size. Then, they looked for smart gadgets that do not require installation in walls or […]